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Pamoja Africa... came to pass

Pamoja Africa Conference took place in Nakuru, Kenya. It brought together over 2,500 participants from over 34 African nations. This wa the first time in history when students and professionals gathered together in such magnitude and diversity on the continent of Africa.



The Vision for Pamoja Africa Conference was to accelerate the the building of a new generation of Spiritual leaders for a new Africa and beyond.

  • Pamoja Brought together 2800 Participants
  • During the outreachin Nakuru, over 2000 people were exposed to the gospel
  • 1000 made decisions for Christ
  • 37 African countries were represented at Pamoja; including observers from an additional eight countries (UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada and Korea
  • 5 Non African countries were represented.
  • A total of 1,489 delegates made a commitment to serve the Lord
  • 354 made dicions to join full time Christian ministry
Pamoja brought together over 2500 delegates
Specail Thanks All who joined with us in praying and giving to Pamoja Conference



UGANDA: RUC 2007 -Reaching Uganda Campuses. 15th August to 15th September 2007.

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The Project fee is US$200 per person for accomodation, meals and transport during the project. This amount does not include transport costs to and from Uganda.

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There will be a special Pamoja Conference exclusively for professionals. Look out for further details.
For many, Pamoja was a great experience for a lifetime.
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